Sunday, October 2, 2011

Healthy Mac & Cheese

Well hello again! 

Someone I am loving lately is Emily over at The Daily Garnish. I love the healthy recipes she posts on her blog and drool over admire them every time I pop over there.

With the hubs not expected for dinner, I decided to try one of her recipes for fun. This is not a hubs-friendly recipe by any means (ingredients include tofu and nutritional yeast...enough said). But the good news is it is a Carrie-friendly recipe if I ever saw one, and I had a blast trying it!

Healthy Mac & Cheese, adapted from The Daily Garnish.

1 14 oz package extra firm tofu (257 calories)
3 T nutritional yeast (80 calories)
1 tsp whole grain mustard
1 tsp garlic powder
1 tsp sea salt
1/2 cup almond milk (30 calories)
1 T EVOO (120 calories)
Whole wheat rotini pasta (I just used what was left of a box we was still almost full) (800 calories)

Total Recipe = 1,287 calories

This made about 6 servings, so each serving has roughly 214.5 calories.


Plop tofu into food processor. Drain it but no need to press the water out for 20 minutes...victory!

2. Give it a quick spin. Lookin' good!

3. Add nutritional yeast, mustard, garlic powder and salt and give it another whirl.

4. To complete sauce, add almond milk and EVOO. What you have is a deliciously creamy (and "cheesy") sauce!

I made the sauce while the pasta was cooking. Once it was done, I tossed the cooked pasta with the sauce.

And poured it into a baking dish, garnished with paprika.

Baked at 325 for 15 minutes and viola!

This was delicious! I mixed it with spinach and called it dinner. I'd definitely make this again!

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