Monday, October 3, 2011

The Pioneer Woman, An Unexpected Run

I came home from school today ready to c-r-a-s-h, and I did for about an hour (the JOYS of working a normal 8-hour day, instead of an 11-hour day!). I contemplated skimping on my run, but the beautiful day outside eventually won me over and I laced up my shoes. It was a sloooowww run, but it's a run all done!

We had friends over for dinner tonight and I made these.

Melt-in-your-mouth fantastic, friends. I love a good excuse to cook with heavy cream and butter, and impressing guests is certainly justifiable!

You can see what I ate today. I definitely went a little overboard on the calorie-front...I am about 300 over my target range. Contributing factors:

*A pumpkin cookie in addition to my smoothie for a snack after school (I was somewhat ravenous...which definitely contributed to the extra calories here. I'm actually surprised I stopped at one...)
*Adding peanut butter to my smoothie (I could have skipped and saved the calories for the pumpkin cookie if that's what I really wanted).
*An extra indulgent dinner (again, the butter and heavy cream certainly plays a role today. I was portioned controlled, though).
*A glass of white wine (a necessity for me when we have guests! It does clock 120 calories, so I stopped at one).
*Eating the salad and a cookie with dinner (I did not plan on this...the original plan was to stick to wine and enchiladas for my dinner calories, but our guests brought the salad and cookies so I didn't want to be rude. They were delicious though, so calories well spent!).

All in all, I still clocked in at 1,815 calories today. With a 3-mile run, that takes me down to the 1500 range. Not bad!

Q: When cooking for friends, do you stress less about making your dishes low-calorie?? I definitely do! I want the food to be fun and indulgent, which usually means richer dishes. Plus, I am more likely to make something like enchiladas or lasagna when there's more people to eat it, rather than just the hubs and I trying to dominate it alone.

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