Weight Loss

I've had my ups....

And my downs....

This time, it's a life style.

This picture, taken Sept. 2011, was a huge wake-up call for me. It really showed me, in a way I could not deny, that I had "let myself go" over the past year. Yes, I could come up with a million excuses to justify it (losing my brother, worry about my parents, etc.). But truthfully, none of that will take away the effects on my health if this subsistence on bluebell icecream, pizza, and diet coke continues. It's time to healthify!

My Stats:

Height: 5’2.25" (When you're 5'2, that quarter inch totally matters)
Starting weight: 136.5 (see my first post about why I got started)
Goal #1: 130
Goal #2: 125
Goal #3: 120
Feel Great Weight: 115 
Highest Weight: 154 (Freshman year of college, 2005-2006)
Lowest Weight: 127.5 (May 2011)
Measurements: 28-29 pants/4-6 dress/S-M shirt (starting)
Body Fat Percentage: 28.1% (starting)


10/2: 134.2, 28.1% bf, 24.7 bmi
10/3: 134
10/4: 134
10/5: 134.8
10/6: 134.8
10/7: 134.8